Responsive Email Marketing

Reach your audience wherever they are.

What are responsive emails?

Responsive email messages display according to the window size or the screen size of a customer’s electronic device. Whether it is a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, responsive emails provide optimum viewing and usability.

Why send responsive emails?

Your customers use a variety of electronic devices with different screen sizes to check their email. Responsive emails help display your content well on both large and screens, increasing the chances that your customers will view and respond to your message.

How much will it cost?

Our responsive email campaign costs are comparable to those of traditional email services. We will customize one or more responsive email templates based on your email marketing needs. Producing email campaigns from these templates promotes branding consistency and message effectiveness, while increasing efficiency and lowering cost.

Who manages the email lists and campaigns?

We work with our customers as they wish. For some, we perform design and layout, and send them the files so they can send for distribution. For others, we administer lists, subscriber segmentation, website integration and campaign distribution, in addition to designing and layoing out the email messages. We also work with data provider Acxiom to create prospecting email campaigns, as appropriate. See our Spam Policy for our commitment to protecting customers and subscribers according to legislation enacted in US and Canada.

How can I learn more?

Give us a call at 800-859-3970. We are eager to learn about your business and answer any questions you have about responsive emails.

Responsive Email

Make sure your responsive emails take your customers to a responsive page. Learn more about our landing page and website services.


The Facts from Adobe, Litmus®, YesMail Interactive and Forrester Research®:


79% use their smartphone for reading email,
a higher percentage than those who used it for making calls.